You’ve more than likely been directed here [at the recommendation of Frau Patton] wondering, “What in the world is GAPP? I thought it was a line of clothing or a precautionary announcement in London’s Tube.” And while both those guesses are worthy conjectures, this GAPP – Memorial High’s GAPP – has little to do with the clothing industry or the UK’s capital city. This GAPP stands for the German American Partnership Program, and Memorial has been part of the adventure since 1993.

Per the Goethe Institut (a cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany responsible for promoting the study of German abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange):

GAPP is the largest and most successful bilateral student exchange program of the US with any other country. GAPP is supported by the German Foreign Office as well as The U.S. State Department.

It’s one of a kind in that:

GAPP is one of very few exchange programs based on long-term, sustainable partnerships which are not only between students, but between teachers, administrators, schools, and communities.

Memorial High School (MHS) has been in a long-term partnership with the Gustav-Heinemann Schule (GHS) in Rüsselsheim, Germany, since 1993. Neal Fleming, MHS’ previous German instructor, and Uschi Bauer, a former English teacher at GHS, fostered the exchange between our two great schools. In 2010, Maren Unruh (GHS) and Kerri Patton (MHS) took over the program, and in 2017, Oliver Jung became the latest lead coordinator for GHS.

So why the website? Simply put, this blog is intended to serve as an informational repository for the MHS’ GAPP exchange. It is also a working catalog of our adventures from ages past til the present. Feel free to peruse around and discover more about our long-standing exchange, or come here to find the forms and info you need for your students’ trip.

As always, drop me a line if you have recommendations for the site or if you have any GAPP-related questions.

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Kerri “Frau” Patton
Memorial High Deutsch / GAPP coordinator