Blogging Plan


EDTECH 537 – Summer 2017
Kerri Patton


The MHS-GHS GAPP blog I’ve begun in EDTECH537 is intended to serve as an informational repository and promotional resource for the GAPP exchange I run at Memorial High School. Informationally-speaking, it will house background information about the GAPP program including the government agencies sponsoring it, a program overview of the MHS GAPP exchange, official rules and regulations of the exchange, program schedules both in America and in Germany, and official GAPP forms needed to participate in the exchange. I will also post updates to the blog regarding important GAPP reminders, meetings, and due dates, and include a FAQ’s question-and-answer page, so my audience can access key information about the program more quickly. Promotionally-speaking, the blog will include guest posts from previous GAPP participants (“Testimonials”), photos chronicling our GAPP adventures, and featured articles on the specific German cities/regions/sites/customs that our group experiences whilst abroad (“Spotlight on …”). I am also planning to eventually include a student blogging section, where current GAPP students will post while in Germany about their adventures, so families back home can have an up-to-date journal of events. This, however, is a long-term goal, as I will not be taking students to Germany until the summer of 2018.

I plan to post a minimum of 2 times / week and use the blog as a way to share information with parents/guardians/students who are interested in and/or participating in the exchange. The site will be a one-stop shop for guests to discover more about MHS’ GAPP exchange and get the information they need online. This will spare me the redundancy of sending out innumerable emails to parents/guardians and their students reminding them about the exchange and about important program updates/requirements (such as meetings, payment due dates, etc.).


August 21 – 25 (Monday – Friday): Blog Reorg

  • After returning from family vacation the week prior, I will take this last “free week” before the school year begins to reorganize my blog and edit its existing content to focus solely on the MHS GAPP-exchange. This will include tweaking applicable EDTECH537 blog entry content to be more MHS-GAPP focused, moving existing posts into their correct pages (and adding pages where necessary), and hiding non-applicable material. This process will occur in the first half of the week. Mid-week, I will be researching best practices on how to display series of pictures on blogs and then setting up the photo section of the blog (I have hundreds of pictures to sort through from each GAPP exchange, and want to feature them by year in the most opportune and aesthetically-pleasing way). At the end of the week, I plan to complete the “Forms” section by uploading the necessary GAPP forms I use for the program, and I intend to set up the format of the “Testimonials” page, though I won’t be entering content into it quite yet, as those entries will form their own blog series every Tuesday. I also plan to flesh out the FAQ’s page with the most prominent questions I receive about the program and their subsequent answers. The goal by Friday, August 25, is to have the “bones” of the blog set in place before I officially begin my school year.

Monday, August 28: New Blog Update

  • On Monday, August 28, I will be heading to my first official staff work day of the year. We get two of them (followed by three days of district meetings), so I will take the opportunity to post a GAPP update to the blog pertaining to my current group of GAPP’ers and their families. This update will include a welcome to MHS’ new GAPP blog and an overview of the content it features. I will also include pertinent program updates and a reminder of payment dates for the students currently signed on. After posting, I will inform participating GAPP families of the new blog by sending an email to the listserve I created in 2016 after they signed up. This will inform them of the blog’s address and encourage them to refer to the blog for future updates. For advertising purposes, I will also send a Skyward blast (Skyward is our district’s student information management system) to the parents/guardians/students in all of my courses welcoming them to the new school year and informing them of the GAPP blog (can’t start advertising too early!)


Friday, September 1: “Spotlight on…” Series (Germany)

  • On Friday, September 1, I will begin what I intend to be a weekly “Spotlight on …” series. This series will focus on the cities/regions/sites/customs our group experiences whilst abroad by highlighting them one at a time. Owing to EDTECH537, I already have information written about the village of Oberammergau as well as the Königssee in Bavaria (which spawned the idea for this series, actually, and which will eventually become posts in it), but I want to begin with a broader topic, namely Germany as a whole. To that end, I’ll be posting a bit about the history of the country, its current demographics, and how much German has influenced the U.S. and, more specifically, Wisconsin. I will also include a quick nod to Wisconsin’s partner state of Hessen and our partner school, the Gustav-Heinemann Schule, in Rüsselsheim (saving the specifics of each for additional “Spotlight on…” posts, of course). I will include personal pictures/videos as well as a map of Germany to enhance the entry.

Wednesday, September 6: Welcome to the New School Year

  • Though Tuesday, September 5 is the first official day of school, only freshmen come to our high school for orientation that day, so I don’t have a normal class schedule to see all of my students until Wednesday, September 6. For that reason, I plan to post a quick, encouraging “Welcome the the New School Year” message on Wednesday, after I’ve seen all my students. To get my GAPP’ers re-invigorated for the exchange, I plan to include a “Countdown to Germany” segment in this post to get them excited about the adventure to come (and thinking about next summer already!).

Friday, September 8: “Spotlight on…” Series (Hessen)

  • On Friday, September 8, I will post a second entry in the “Spotlight on…” series. Since I briefly introduced the state of Hessen in last week’s “Spotlight on…” post, it will be the featured region in the series this week. Readers will learn more about the state including its geography, main cities, industries, cultural highlights (dialects, dishes, customs), and ties to Wisconsin (it is our partner state). I will include personal pictures/videos as well as a map of Hessen to enhance the entry.

Tuesday, September 12: “Testimonials” Guest Blogging Series (Kate L.)

  • By the end of Tuesday, September 12, I plan to post the first of my GAPP testimonial guest blogs in the “Testimonials” section of the blog. Since I have the post already prepared from the EDTECH537 guest blogging assignment, I will only need to rename it, move it to the correct page, and include a photo of the guest blogger, Kate Lauer.

Friday, September 15: “Spotlight on…” Series (Rüsselsheim)

  • Friday, September 15’s “Spotlight on…” post (the third in the series) will focus on Rüsselsheim, the city in which our partner school resides. The information I will include will pertain to how long Memorial has had a relationship with the city of Rüsselsheim as well as pertinent information regarding the city (its history, where it lies geographically, the most important industries in/near the city, how many people live there, what the city looks like, and what one can do there). I will include personal pictures/videos, a link to the city’s website (linked above), and a map of Rüsselsheim to enhance the entry.

Tuesday, September 19: “Testimonials” Guest Blogging Series (Matt D.)

  • On Tuesday, September 19, I will add my second guest blogger post to the “Testimonials” page. Matt Delmastro will be my featured guest. I already have the content he wrote, but will need to copy it into a WordPress post, edit it, and include background about Matt as well as his picture.

Friday, September 22: “Spotlight on…” Series (GHS)

  • On Friday, September 22, I will post my fourth feature article to the “Spotlight on…” series. The topic will be MHS’ partner school, the Gustav-Heinemann Schule. I will include information about the school’s location, size, class offerings, and student body and staff in this post. Additionally, I will link in GHS’ official website as well as its USA exchange page. Moreover, I will discuss the school’s complete renovation, which is on target to be finished by our visit in the summer of 2018. I will include personal pictures/videos of the school to enhance the entry.

Tuesday, September 26: “Testimonials” Guest Blogging Series (Kelsey B.)

  • The third guest blog post featured in the “Testimonials” section will be written by Kelsey Beuning. I will post her guest entry to the blog on Tuesday, September 26. I already have the content from her, but will need to copy it into a WordPress post, edit it, and include background about and a picture of Kelsey.

Friday, September 29: “Spotlight on…” Series (Rhein-Main Gebiet)

  • The fifth feature article in the “Spotlight on…” series will be posted on Friday, September 29, and highlight the Rhein-Main Gebiet (the Rhine-Main river area). This is the region our exchange takes place, so I will highlight it in all its glory. Key facts will include geographical features of the area, its main cities, the importance of the rivers, industry that survives off the area, and cultural tidbits such as dialects, important historical figures, buildings, and customs/foods. I will include personal pictures/videos of the region as well as a link to a prominent Rhein-Main Gebiet site (linked above) to enhance the entry.


To continue my blogging process and further develop the MHS GAPP exchange blog, I plan to keep a regular cycle of the Tuesday/Friday series’ posts going throughout the year (Tuesday’s = “Testimonials” Guest Blogging; Friday’s = “Spotlight on…”). I have enough testimonial content to fill almost every Tuesday of the year. Once I run out, that series will be finished until I hear back from additional prior GAPP’ers (I have an active inquiry out, so testimonials keep filtering in from time-to-time). The “Spotlight on…” series will continue highlighting the cities/regions/sites/customs Memorial students experience during our trip to Germany. There are so many topics to fill that category that it won’t run out of content. I will also be updating the blog with pertinent GAPP-trip updates as our departure nears (final payments, meetings, trip regulations, flight details, travel insurance policies, etc.). Most of these updates will be in the spring of 2018. Also in spring 2018, I will include helpful posts in a weekly “Tips” series (slated for Monday’s, at present). These posts will include topics of the following nature:

  • Tips for getting the most out of your GAPP experience
  • Tips for packing smartly
  • Tips for buying your host family meaningful gifts
  • Tips for banking abroad
  • Tips for cell phones abroad
  • Tips for settling into a life abroad
  • Tips for overcoming homesickness
  • Tips for traveling wisely and respectfully
  • Tips for handling re-entry shock
  • Tips for using GAPP as a springboard into a life of increased global awareness

Moreover, I hope to involve the GAPP students in this blog when they are abroad next June (and every other June thereafter). I will assign each student a specific date, and by that date, they will have had to write a short guest post highlighting a snapshot of their time abroad and include applicable pictures/video. To keep students accountable, I will have pre-made a page on the blog for this series and included all the posting due dates along with the name of the student responsible for each post. I’ve seen this process unfold “live” this summer when a German-teaching friend of mine from the Pacific Northwest was abroad with her GAPP’ers, and it worked like a charm, so I’m looking forward to it for my students as well.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Plan

    • Thanks, Naomi! I want to keep this site as a relevant source for GAPP families (and inquirers), so figuring out a plan to do so while maintaining its active status as a “blog” (as opposed to a static website) might be my biggest challenge over time. I think, though, that creating various “series” will help me keep the blog “alive”, and keep it interesting for my potential followers. Thanks for the commentary!


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