My digital handshake

I’ve lately been mulling over the benefits of audio-visual additions to blogs, and concluded that it’d be a wise choice for me to add a “Nice to Meet You” video to this blog. I am aware that I already have an “About Me” page, but desire the personalized touch of a video, seeing as I can’t always shake my viewers’ hands and introduce myself – or discuss the GAPP trip – in person. I want to show my viewers what GAPP “looks like”, as well as help them get a good feel for the person in charge of teaching their children and leading them abroad. Seeing is believing, right?

So with no further ado, consider this my digital handshake:


2 thoughts on “My digital handshake

  1. Kristi, I love your digital hand shake. I do feel like I’ve been introduced to you now. I loved the pictures and humor. That’s amazing that you’ve been a part of GAPP for 25 years! Your trips look like so much fun with some business mixed in. What a great experience you’re providing for your students.

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    • Thanks! I figured I need to put more of a face forward, because I’m also trying to sell a “product”, essentially. Never hurts (I hope)!


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