Want to hear some German?

Hankering to hear some German? How about in relation to vacation in Bavaria – one of my favorite German states? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s an audio clip of Christian from the Rheingau region discussing his favorite area in Bavaria (Bayern) in which to take vacation: the Allgäu. Even if you can’t understand the language, you have to admit, once you actually listen to it being spoken, it’s beautiful!


10 thoughts on “Want to hear some German?

  1. Kerri, languages are so cool. Hearing another language is an amazing experience in and of itself, but when you understand the language being spoken…next level stuff! I do not understand German but it was neat to listen to for a little bit. I must admit, my brain turns off pretty quickly when it can’t process what’s being said. You must speak German. Are you a teacher of the German language?


    • I am a teacher of it (though I wasn’t always). I think it’s such a beautiful language when one listens – much less harsh than the stereotypes!


  2. I heard the word Neuschwanstein and it reminded me of when I visited there. Such breathtaking views! In addition, it reminds me of conversations that happen at my Oma and Opa house. Thanks for bringing up good memories!


    • Nice catch!!! He’s talking about the region known as Allgäu in Bavaria. He starts with the delicious food in the area (Schnitzel!! Bier!!) and then talks about the landscape, including all the fun one can do there. At the end, he mentions Neuschwanstein, which lies right in the middle of the Allgäu region.

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  3. I am very German and I love hearing it! I know a lot of people say it is kind of gross with the noises that are made, but I find it to be beautiful. Last year my mom and grandma went to Germany and met some of my distant relatives. It is really cool to me that I am related to people who live across the Atlantic Ocean! This is an awesome post!


    • Do you know where in Germany your relatives live?

      P.S. Your last name (forest-man) indicates you once had a relative who either lived or worked in the forest (surnames derived from professions, descriptors of the person, or descriptors of where a person worked/lived. I’m betting at one time there was also an additional “n” at the end of Waldman too.


  4. This is very cool! I hope to visit Germany someday and my friends who have visited and they loved Bavaria. Thank you for brining light to such a cool country on your blog!

    Have you lived there or just visited?


    • Germany is WUNDERBAR! I’ve lived there twice (once during college and once afterwards), and now I go back every-other year for 3 weeks in the summer. I absolutely love Germany – it’s my second home. And though many non-Bavarians are biased against Bavaria (it’s kind of like the “Texas” of Germany, if you will), it’s absolutely stunning. I would live there if I could (and if the dialect weren’t so incomprehensible!)


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